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Our lives are crazy and unpredictable. We offer personal assistant services for the day, week or month, and we can help with just about anything. 

Rate: Available upon request.

The Whole House

Rates: $1500 for 3 days

          $2800 for 3 days and 4 seasonal check-in days


An overhaul for the whole house. Perfect whether you are moving, or you simply need help organizing your existing space.

Closet Package

Rate: $75/hr, 3 hour minimum

We will deep clean and organize your entire closet. 

One Room At-A-Time

Rate: $75/hr, 3 hour minimum

Baby Boomer

Rate: $800/visit (recommended 4x/yr)

This is something every new mother needs and it also 

makes a great gift! We will come in and organize all of the clothes for your baby, then we return every three months to swap out the clothing that the baby has aged out of!

Price includes plastic bins for storage of old or not-yet-used clothing. 

Rate: $75/hr


From our days as personal shoppers at the famed Bergdorf Goodman, we love clothes and we love to help people find their style. We will help you do a full overhaul, going thru your closet and figure out what items your wardrobe is missing then hit your favorite stores, or we simply shop with you, advising and assisting in purchasing items that fit your style.

Rate: $25/hr + cost of gift


Birthday gifts, holiday gifts, corporate gifts and flowers, we will purchase and wrap the gift of your choice, then deliver it to the recipient with a smile!

Rate: $100/hour


We are experts at repurposing what you already have, but we can also help you buy new and sell the old! And bonus, anything we sell for you under the amount of $200 can be applied towards your bill with Katie Jo & Co. 

If you have a product or service in mind that you do not see listed here, please contact us and we'll be happy to help. 


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